“You have to go back and have that weighed” she says with a look as though I’ve lost my brain somewhere between where I stand and the back of the line which stretches to rear of the giant supermarket where I stood an hour ago.

I’m lost, I hear the words and though I know Spanish and what these words mean, I’ve no idea the significance. Why would I need to weight my produce before I come to pay for them? That’s what the cashier does, no? Read More

Every single hike I’ve managed to do in Chile has amazed me more and more than the last and I’ve no idea how its possible. My latest adventure took me to the backside of Volcan Villarrica over what’s known as the Villarrica Traverse. Admittedly I only did the last three days of this 5 day traverse, however it blew away every expectation I had.

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It’s an unfortunate reality that as a traveller you are often the target of thieves and robbers who know you might be unfamiliar with your surroundings. Crimes of opportunity might also occur if you aren’t vigilant about your belongings. While the types of incidents vary depending on what region of the world you are in, there are a few basic things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming a victim, as well as being prepared if something does go missing.

Don’t Look Like You’re  Worth Robbing

I’m not telling you to stop showering and wear tattered clothes, but flashy clothing and accessories (men and women) won’t go unnoticed. Fancy electronics will also attract attention, so it’s best to be aware of your surroundings when you bring out your phone or camera.

I’ve a good friend who was dragged down the center of a Guatemalan bus for her iPhone when it fell out of her pocket and was noticed by a robber. Had it stayed in her pocket, she’d likely still have it and not have experienced the violence. Read More